Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goodbye My Love.......

So true!! All my friends know how much I love to swim, honestly I'm just a generally a nicer person when I swim regularly. If I'm grumpy Hank will encourage me to go swim:)
I believe my swimming days are coming to a close for a while and it is totally worth it. I just can't imagine putting Janie in a nursery when everything around her is so new. I'm hoping to be able to go on Saturdays, but we will just have to see. I swam today and realized it would be my last time for a while so I tried to kill myself in hopes that I would not miss it. Instead I was just more hungry :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yes! We received confirmation today for our consulate appointment on March 21st, which means we leave next Thursday the 8th. So crazy! And of course Hank and I are leaving Friday for a conference he is speaking at in Tuscon! Haha, will get back Monday evening and get back on a plane at 6am on Thursday. Only the Wright's, kinda predictable for us:).

We are so thankful we get to leave earlier than planned, as John David will now just miss a week of school since one of the weeks is spring break. Honestly, this is what we prayed and hoped for all along. I love it when God graciously gives us our desires! As I said, we are thankful, hopeful and slightly stressed:)

Monday, February 27, 2012

John David's Early Bday Party!

We celebrated John David's April 2nd birthday with his friend Graham yesterday. Graham's birthday was in January and we were certain that we would be in China on April 2nd. So nice how that didn't happen and we get to go earlier:). They invited their classmates to SkyJump, a trampoline extravaganza! Jumping was done, pizza and cake eaten and fun galore!!

Still trying to act like Gardner and NOT smile:)

The birthday boys

Another model pose:)

They never stopped moving except to catch their breath!

Gardner was Madeline's chosen one!

It was a fun time for all!!
Now we will get to celebrate again with our family on his "real" birthday at HOME with his new sister!!
Still have not heard back about our consulate appointment, hopefully tomorrow.....those ticket prices just keep on rising while we wait!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Wow what a fun night. Allie won a gold Addy for her Summer Poster Series for the Orpheum!! I had never heard of an Addy until a few weeks ago. It is the Grammy, Emmy of the advertising world. She won a gold at the local level and will now go to the regional level and then on to state ect if she continues to win.

Her "Summer Poster Series"
The Orpheum hosts movies during the summer and this is what Allie came up with:)

The beginning of the awards

Just cause......really? is that red hair or what?

Another of the interesting peeps we saw....

Seriously had some trouble focusing on the screen, kinda left some important things a GOLD

Then the surprise of the night happened.....

Allie won "Peoples Choice Award"
She was so very surprised!!!

The cool thing about the night is all the winners were with large agencies with a team of workers, then there is Allie Mounce, lone graphic designer for the Orpheum and she won 2 awards! 
Allie we are so happy for you and so proud of your creativity and hard work!!!!
I think Daddy is smiling down on you tonight:)
We love you sweet girl!!!!
Thanks for a fun night!

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Here..........

I got the email at 2:30 today and have been overjoyed ever since. The kids squealed when I picked them up form school and said "we're going to China!" :)
So much fun to finally say it!! We will find out Monday if we leave on March 8th or the 15th.........
I know.... I better get it together!! Hank and I go to Tuscon on the 2nd -5th so it would be just like us to leave for China on the 8th. Always hanging by a thread over here!!!!:)  So very thrilled!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Qing Qing!!!!

Yesterday we received some new info on our Janie:)

1. Li Qing Zhong's nickname is Qing Qing.
    Qing: Deep blue color (“ching”)
    We always say Qing Qing Xiao Cao. It means green grass.
2. Ms.Meng has received the package from adopted family of Li Qing Zhong. There are some pictures and toys inside. I have told Ms.Meng to take more pictures of Li Qing Zhong with the pictures and toys that her family mailed to her.
3. Ms.Meng has received the hair bow  today. I have told her taking more pictures also.
Hoping to get those picture of Qing Qing next week! 

We also received her quarterly report:

Lili's foster mother reports that the Lili laughs more than before. She dresses & undresses herself daily. She is very close with her foster parents. She loves to sing Chinese children songs and dance with the music. Her foster mother reported that Lili looks at the photo album of her adoptive family everyday. She points to the picture of her mom, dad, brother and sister and hugs the picture. Lili has begun to greet people and now says "thank you". She always ask "why" and has begun to scribble on paper. She uses chopsticks to eat by herself.

She is 36.6 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds:)

pic from her first care package....

Still waiting on TA......someone with an ART5 of 2-7 got theirs today. Our ART5 is 2-10 so maybe next week????

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yep, I'm totally consumed by this wait for Travel Approval. The thought of travel and finally meeting Janie is always on my mind. My thoughts are all over the place, all.the.time. I cannot think straight! We are on day 9 of the wait....maybe this week, next week or the next...sigh. But I DO see the end in sight, and we will be on a plane before we know it.

I have a strong suspicion this is not how she will feel when she meets us the first time,
More like this
We will take any mood she feels and love her through it!

I am consumed daily with thoughts of how hard this will be for little QingZhong! I cannot wrap my mind around how she will feel leaving everything she knows; to be with people who look, smell, sound so different from everything she has ever known. Only God can prepare her for this enormous change in her life. Our prayer is that He will hold her in His hands and protect her and prepare her! That He will give each one of us wisdom, grace and mercy in helping her through this transition. My prayer for Madeline is that this experience will answer some of her deep questions and she will leave China knowing that we love her more than she can understand, that we are HER family forever.

This is the verse I will cling to in the days to come as we wait....

"Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail"
Lamentations 3:22

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wii B Gamers....Talent Show

John David had his talent show last night. He has participated since kindergarten and always has a great time. This year he was Perry the Platypus, thank goodness for google help with the costume!!

So fun!!!!