Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Visit.....Power Rangers and Princesses

Hank's family came to visit this weekend, they have lived in Colorado for the past 4 years and just moved back to Tennessee. We have not seen Sarah and Larry and the kids since our fateful trip to Wyoming last summer when Madeline broke her arm and we stayed in the hospital instead of with family:(, such great memories!!!!

This weekend was much more enjoyable as long as I can block out Madeline's fits over sharing toys. It is going to be a rough few weeks when we get home with Janie. I sure hope she shares better with someone younger than she did with her cousin who is her same age, Macie was VERY forgiving!! Madeline was either fighting over a toy or having a wonderful time......go figure!! Here are some pics.....

Madeline and Macie are one week apart in age yet  Macie is a head taller:)

Showing me their Power Ranger moves:)

Holding hands while Uncle Larry removes a splinter from Macie's hand..

fashion show