Monday, January 23, 2012

Birthday Smiles......

What a weekend, we survived had a wonderful time, won't mention the fits that were had....nuff said!

Madeline had her special day at school on Friday:

birthday note on her cubby

John David watching her do her journal work

Madeline's reaction to Gardner and Kendyl surprising her by coming to her special day!

getting to act like the teacher

"Georgie" left her a present

We had a wonderful morning with our little M!

Saturday, she celebrated her birthday with a few friends at Build a Bear

the entourage, minus Julianne (she could not get in town until later in the day)

because our princess loves Power Rangers:)

Yep she got the entire Power Ranger piece because you only turn 5 once Mom did not want a scene

thank goodness that is all she ate of her 12 pound piece!

and this is how Mom felt when it was over!

And finally lastly her actual birthday on Sunday, I have NO idea why I was not smart enough to have her party on Sunday instead of Saturday!

Yes that is her own itouch (used but she does not have to know that:)

M loved her pink cover!

Princess shoes for my Power Ranger lover

Oh happy day!
We love you sweet Madeline!