Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Year Ago Today......

I got my quarterly report for "Lili" whom we had started sponsoring in October '10. Her eyes had taken hold of my heart when I first laid eyes on her  but the thought of trying to adopt her had not entered my mind. I was praying for her and a family for her. Yet on December 31, 2010, God did something to my heart as I read over her quarterly report. I can't really put my finger on it but I was changed. I remember the fleeting thought that "she is my daughter" yet I pushed the thought away. I came back to the computer later that afternoon to look at her again, since I could not stop thinking of her and Madeline had been talking all week long about how "Lili is my sister"; that too I had swept away without a thought.

I just sat and stared at her and decided to email Diana with Pearl River Outreach with "what are the chances??"

Here are the first few emails sent between the two of us:

Our family has been praying for our babies! ( we sponsored 2 children) Do you ever find out if they are eligible for adoption yet? I cannot stop thinking about Lili and her precious face AND my sweet Madeline keeps asking about her. How likely is it for a sponsoring family to be able to adopt or is that a total long shot?? I am so aware that God is in control and knows where these children are to be so it certainly does not hurt to askSmile emoticon  I hope your family had a wonderful holiday!!!
Thanks so much!

Hi Paige,
I can not tell you how much I wish I could navigate the system for our sponsors to bring home our children from PRO...
The only thing I can try to find out is if her file is in the process of being made paper ready for the CCAA.  Other than that,
it is completely in God's hands.  Have you started the dossier process again?

I do believe Lili must be coming up soon.  She has been in our program a while now...

Happy New Year,

We have not started any paper work, I am pulled due to Madeline's insistenceSmile emoticon What are the chances that we could find out which agency her file would go to??? I know we have a lot of praying to do! Thanks so much!
Happy New Year!

Do it!!!!  You will be soooo blessed!!!!

Sienna was the blessing we needed around here.  It was slow at first, but she and Ruby are such sweet sisters now!
Seeing them together is such a joy!!!!

Most likely Lili will go on the shared list...  So, there is just no guarantee....  You need an agency who will look for her file.

Let me know if you decide to go forward, and I will see if I can get info on the status of Lili!


Well as we all know the rest is history. What a miracle God performed for our family and Janie as she is named now. As I look over the past year I can see how much God has stretched me, I won't lie, it has been so very hard....BUT I believe in our God and His plan more than I believe in myself or what the world tells us to believe in. I have doubts daily as to my ability to pull this off, but I know He is faithful and will carry us through. The future is not clear right now, we don't know Janie's exact medical condition and what that will mean for our family. We DO know that God orchestrated every single minute  of this past year as He will the upcoming year. I trust that He knows exactly what needs to be done to continue to bring Janie home and to get her the medical treatments, if any, that she may need. 

All I can say about this past year is "WOW". The thought of adopting again was not even on our radar, but obviously it was on God's:) I am so very thankful that we are taking this leap of faith and get to experience the wonderful blessing of adoption again. I dream of Janie constantly and can't wait to see her sweet face, to see Madeline become a big sister and see first hand the wonders of adoption. God has blessed us immensely, I am forever grateful that He chose us to be Janie's parents!

Picture from her December '10 quarterly report

 The most recent picture we have:).Those sweet eyes still get me every time!

Happy New Year!!!

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