Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Recap....

Yes we have a graphic artist in our family (Allie, a perk of  a college education)

                                             Christmas Eve with the Wells
Tyler looks almost drunk with anticipation:)

Jacob really isn't this whiney, just had to post:)

John David and Caden giving their "model" poses

Cat standoff

I don't think Mom is looking:)

I don't have a single pic of Madeline and Carson, they were too busy playing:)

John David and Madeline ready for bed!!

Christmas Day!

Don't the bigs look thrilled:)

Sorry Ju, just had to show you were there:)

The aftermath, I love that the Christmas tree has almost been undecorated by Ralph, he is a tree climber!

Another Christmas already over, next year we will have Janie with us!!