Friday, November 25, 2011

The Craziness Continues:)

We were able to have Thanksgiving at our house with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmother on Jeff's side of the family plus just a few of  Hank's family, Granddaddy and Ms. Joyce.Granddaddy counts ALL our children as his grandchildren, they all love him so. ALOT of people and ALOT of fun. It is always nice to see all the cousins together. They have grown up together but don't get to see each other like they used to since half have been living in Seattle for the last 9 years (a few years after Jeff died) but they are back in Tennessee again:)

It's funny that I now have children the same ages as my neice and nephew's children, so every one has a cousin to play with:). I wish I got more pics but I was a little busy......

The grown up children all crammed in together at one table:)

Looks like Jason is hiding in this pic, he is Brooke's new boyfriend.......wonder if he will be back after all of us:)

The new set of littles, still kind of funny to see my nephew working so hard to keep up with his 3 beautiful girls!

Oh Allie!!!

Julianne in the middle of saying "Mom stop" along with Emily. They are the babies of the older group:)

think they are getting tired of the camera:)

Madeline and Lily playing their own version of scribblege

Lily looks JUST like her Mama at that age!!

We love John David's new glasses.

Scribblege is always fun!
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