Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Janie pics:)

THOSE eyes just get me every time!!

I NEED to hug her now please!! She is so very precious and "needs us" as Madeline likes to say:)

Hank and I both love this picture since she does not look as threatened, almost like she is wondering why the picture taker is standing under her:)

It is day 35 in waiting for our LOA....not that I'm counting or anything!!

Oh and really wondering if I get to call her Janie or in EVERYONE refers to her as Lily Jane!! Guess we will have to see if she looks and acts more like a Janie or Lily Jane. I am a little over the 2 name business since we have Julianne and John David but we will have to see what fits HER:)...any thoughts on her name????
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