Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just Plain Busy

The weeks keep rolling into the weekend and then repeat.........

We have been busy with John David's swim meets, working on Madeline and Janie's new room and visiting Julianne at State:). Allie, Eric, Gardner and Kendyl got to go with us yesterday and we actually went into the game instead of just tailgating. As we made our way to our seats in the clouds all the kids teased me that I called and asked for the worst tickets they had haha!! Madeline even made the comment that "those football players look like ants"! It was hot but great to have everyone together.....hard to do with this big ole family! Of course I forgot my camera so thank goodness for my faithful iphone!!

Madeline hung with the bigs ALL day!

Julianne bought John David a cow bell, used it in the car on the way home too!!!! hmmmm....

Don't think I have ever gotten a serious pic of Gardner, thank goodness Kendyl  will smile:)

The famous "M".....Madeline thinks it is for her name and starts looking for it as soon as we get into town.
She also calls Ms State "Memphisippi State" !
We don't correct her yet:)

Oh and can't leave out the fact that Daddy got a big ole bear and so did Granddaddy!

Is that big or what!!! Hank said it looked like a Volkswagon and charged them....the guides even shot! 
Thinking I'll just keep on staying home!

Back at home......

She is too cute in this outfit!!


and just because....we really need a trip to China!
Can't wait to meet you sweet Janie!!!

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