Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Bear Hunt....Seriously

YEP.....thats what Hank and Granddaddy are hunting somewhere in Alaska right now......yep....this is my life:)  Daddy is gone for TWO weeks cavorting around the woods with his Daddy....can't get much better than that for 2 grown men to play for 2 weeks!!

Madeline asked me last night when she gets to go hunting with Daddy.....really! Gotta love a hunter girl even though I don't know any personally as I am not any kind of hunter nor do I want to be!

So....we are praying for safe hunting and arrival back home for Daddy and Granddaddy!!
Madeline thinks the bear needs to be in Daddy's bedroom, Mommy does not agree.....thinking it may end up in John David's bedroom.....I hope!
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