Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkins, Power Tools and Fingernail Polish!

We finally got around to carving our pumpkins as Julianne and Chris were about to head back to State. What started out as a normal pumpkin carving soon turned into a power tool pumpkin was 'SLIGHTLY" hard!

Madeline is a serious pumpkin planner

So is John David

Daddy started with the usual knife....

Decided it was NOT going to work this year..

And pulled out the real artillery

looks so funny to me!

the design had to change since the tool changed!

Design decisions...

Meanwhile Julianne decided Chris needed to finish her manicure..

"dorgeous" as Madeline used to say!

Never a dull moment....yes pumpkins can eat your hand!

More power tools.....Hank was in his element

Madeline's vampire pumpkin:)

John David is already acting like his older brother.....I CANNOT get a serious pic of him, he has learned from the best, Gardner!!

and again:)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh......The Wait!

In adoption, the wait just starts getting to you at some point, I am at that point! We are on day 51 into our wait for our LOA and I think we are about half way there. My caseworker emailed me back today regarding the email I sent yesterday asking what the wait times are right now... Her response.....

Most LSCs (LOA) take 60-110 days.  Since your dossier was in translation when we got Pre-Approval, I would probably anticipate it to come on the longer end of that! (sorry!!!) The CCCWA can't change the "track" of the dossier until the translation is done....  As soon as we receive some new ones, I can give you a better idea!

So.....the wait continues. For a few minutes I thought "we are just stuck at the CCWCA for now". And then I remembered how big God is....why in the world would He do what he already has done with Janie, to just forget about her....and let her paperwork just be...without Him being in now I will wait on Him and His perfect timing. He knows exactly when He wants her LOA released and for us to travel to get her. How is it that God can do soooo much for us yet we so quickly forget Him for the moment? I'm working on that one today....and I'm sure for everyday.....thankful that He forgives me each time I doubt....

Do you know how God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash? Job 37:15

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tom's Farm Fun

Yesterday we went to Tom's Farm for our annual get together with friends from the kids school. John David and Madeline always have such a great time as do the adults!

John David and Sam were pretty nasty after dragging on the ground 500 times:)

The Moms

fun hayride!

these two are so cute together, can't even imagine what they will get into next!

My sweet friend Courtney with Hanky

Win, John David and Caden
they had so much fun:)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adoption hard! We always read about the happy parts....... But we all know as Christians that life is not easy, He did not promise us that it is. I had a situation with Madeline today that was very ugly... .....Her behavior....... And mine. She became threatened by having to pick up extra children from school and acted out,very badly, and I became slightly undone....... Understatement! Madeline does not react well to transition or the unknown....probably due to not being attended to as an infant........but she does not........she has come such a long way but the scars are still there....... Probably forever........but she will learn to deal with it better as she has already. She is resilient........yet so very fragile.........just breaks my heart. I really struggle with God and what is happening to all these sweet helpless children all over the world........I am thankful that I can make a difference in my daughters life as inadequate as I am.......yes I get frustrated.......I overreact.......I am not understanding and expect her to act "normal"........ I become irrational....I react instead of stepping back and understandIng.........I "get" it after the fact! So here I am tonight just like I did with my big kids, looking at them sleeping and wishing I had been more patient, more loving, just more! It is more.....hard this time around........

"for with much wisdom comes much sorrow;the more knowledge, the more grief. Ecclesiastes 1:18

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sneak Peek.....Madeline and Janie's Room!!!

Madeline and I have been working on her and Janie's room for about a month now. Madeline had very definite ideas about her new room, Allie's old room! I made the mistake of showing her pics from Pottery Barn and she feel in love with the pink canopies to hang over the beds. Those were a must have! Thankfully we were able to find the spreads at the outlet store:). I am hoping to have her moved into her room by next week....still painting the dresser, need to hang pics, move clothing ect.......

On the Pottery Barn website there were butterflies on the canopy....well when we received them, there are no butterflies on the canopy......after a call to Pottery Barn, it was a pic in someone's house and they had added the Madeline and I found some on Etsy:)

lovin the clock hangin on the table:)

Chandelier courtesy was her birthday gift when we moved into our we will keep it until she says otherwise.....right now she says it does not go with her house:)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just Plain Busy

The weeks keep rolling into the weekend and then repeat.........

We have been busy with John David's swim meets, working on Madeline and Janie's new room and visiting Julianne at State:). Allie, Eric, Gardner and Kendyl got to go with us yesterday and we actually went into the game instead of just tailgating. As we made our way to our seats in the clouds all the kids teased me that I called and asked for the worst tickets they had haha!! Madeline even made the comment that "those football players look like ants"! It was hot but great to have everyone together.....hard to do with this big ole family! Of course I forgot my camera so thank goodness for my faithful iphone!!

Madeline hung with the bigs ALL day!

Julianne bought John David a cow bell, used it in the car on the way home too!!!! hmmmm....

Don't think I have ever gotten a serious pic of Gardner, thank goodness Kendyl  will smile:)

The famous "M".....Madeline thinks it is for her name and starts looking for it as soon as we get into town.
She also calls Ms State "Memphisippi State" !
We don't correct her yet:)

Oh and can't leave out the fact that Daddy got a big ole bear and so did Granddaddy!

Is that big or what!!! Hank said it looked like a Volkswagon and charged them....the guides even shot! 
Thinking I'll just keep on staying home!

Back at home......

She is too cute in this outfit!!


and just because....we really need a trip to China!
Can't wait to meet you sweet Janie!!!