Monday, September 5, 2011

Lots going On!

All I can say!
On another note we went to Gatlingburg to visit Ma Kitty and Grandpa Jim, Aunt Meg and Uncle Pat, Jay and Meredith. Meredith kept John David and Madeline entertained for hours at a time. It was such a great break for this Mom:). Meg and I took the kids to swim and here are some pics, all I got from the weekend. I guess you can say I've been slightly preoccupied!!

Madeline had to borrow Meredith's bathing suit because her mother forgot hers, of course!

Meredith our activity director at work:)

Goof balls!

Still at work

Jay managed to fill in for Meredith for a while. He was sooooo patient with Madeline!

 We had a wonderful weekend!! Meredith was constantly redoing Madeline's hair. Madeline will do anything Meredith tells her to, which is so funny as we have to convince her for most things. I wish Meredith could be here every morning to fix her hair.She even let her do french braids, it was soooo cute!!  And of course I did not get a time!!
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