Saturday, September 24, 2011

Big Day at Mississippi State:)

We are only able to get to a few games each season. While I LOVE going I usually dread how Madeline behaves. We have finally figured out that she gets overwhelmed by the crowds and acts out. Well this year seems to be a whole other ballgame. She RAN to Julianne to hug her and hugged and kissed her goodbye. That is a BIG deal......since Julianne has been in college Madeline will not talk to her or hug her or anything for that matter for a few is as if she holds a grudge. She finally admitted to Julianne last spring that she was mad at her when she leaves for school:). Anyway we have made SO much progress and this mommy is so happy with her maturity!! The pics say it all!

happy to be together again

already has Taylor doing what she loves best, stickers:)

Now Carson is pulled into the sticker vortex as well!!

Julianne, Madeline, Taylor and Carson

The twins still obeying their charge


randomer(is that a word?)

LOVE this kid!!

Seriously he is so cool!!

The sticker entourage

Julianne and Margaret

Seriously she could be my child too! and yes I do need some wrinkle helper too!

And she even jumped in Julianne's arms to say goodbye, such a great day!!
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