Sunday, August 7, 2011


John David has been obsessed with getting heely shoes, have NO idea where he saw them. He decided to spend his own money on them, $60, but says it is SO worth it:). Gardner came over Friday and helped him get it right, his old mom was no help whatsoever!! When we were at Journey's I had to text Gardner and tell him what memories I was having of his buying tacky tshirts and ugly shoes haha!!

This is what we do with a Saturday afternoon when it is 105 and we are totally bored!! We go to Lowes with Dad ( knew we would be there a while since it takes him a LONG time to decide exactly what he needs:)

Get ready for iphone motion sickness pictures!

made them be still for a second

Madeline doesn't need heelys, she can be in constant motion without them:)
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