Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday My Julianne

Twenty years ago today Jeff and I welcomed our Julianne Paige into this world. I was scheduled to be induced on August 16, but back in that day you could call and change your date on a whim. My whim was that the 16th is Elvis's birthday and living in Memphis TN it can kinda be obnoxious:). So the doctor's office gladly changed my inducement to the 15th. I walked into the hospital at 5:45 that morning and was told " you aren't supposed to be here until 7:00": well you decided to come all on your own at 6:20!! Now you share a birthday with the candlelight vigil the evening before Elvis' bdday!!

Some thoughts I have about you on your birthday:)

-you are a pleaser, always have been
-you are a deep thinker
-you love the Lord with all your heart
-you are driven
-you are anxious
-you are a crazy hard worker?: Allie and Gardner would complain that you never got in trouble and I would ask them to think of something wrong you had done and they could not come up with a thing:) haha
-you are beautiful
-you are a straight A 100 A+ kinda girl :)
-you love a good book
-you used to be a shopper, don't know what happened with that:)
- you still love a great pair of jeans!
-you have a heart for missions
-you are smart
-you are skinny and don't exercise blahhhhhh
-you love cookie dough and milk
-you tolerate Goldbug and love Odie
-you love your family
-you try oh so hard with Madeline, I don't think she deserves you:), it is starting to pay off now
- you are the best sister
-you are a wonderful daughter, I love you so!

My sweet Julianne, I am so very blessed to be your mother. You have been a joy to raise and I love the relationship we share now. Of all the kids you are the most like me, may be a curse:) I love you sweet girl and so understand who you VERY proud of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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