Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cupcakes and "Livin In This House"

I was giving Madeline her 2 gummy vitamins this morning and she asked me if she can still be "livin" in this house and eating 4 gummy vitamins when she is grown up. She is preoccupied with the thought that she is going to have to move out someday.....I guess so when all your older sisters and brother either get married and move out or keep on going back to college!! My answer to her ALWAYS is that she can live with her Mommy and Daddy as long as she wants to and she always says "yeah forevah" :)

Another obsession with Madeline is making cupcakes.......John David wanted to participate this time and she LET him.....hard to believe but she did haha. I think John David was in a state of disbelief the whole time with what a mean cupcake boss she was!!

Really? I have to do it that way???

Whats up with this mean boss???

OK I'll just do what SHE wants!

John David, I'm not liking the way you poured that!

At least I get to eat it:)

Now we are having fun

John David is looking a little tired of the business at this point:)

they turned out pretty good, maybe she is a good boss after all!

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