Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And It's Off (Cast and Dossier)

Madeline had her pins removed bright and early this morning, thank goodness she did not have to have an IV, only gas. She was so brave! On our way to the hospital this morning she asked me "what if I don't go to sleep?", poor thing!! I explained that the air in the mask would MAKE her go to sleep and she would not have to try to. She is my deep thinker! The cast is off for good and she can use her sling for a few days if her arm is bothering her, other than that she is done:)

that's a big smile:)

In other news our dossier will be heading to China on Friday and should arrive on Monday, AMEN! So glad that part is over!! Now is the hard part, waiting to see if our sweet girl's file is released this month (August 29) and if we are even able to get her! Our prayer is for God's will to be done. We appreciate any prayers for this situation and  all that has to take place if it is his will.....this is where I just have to let go and know that God knows what is best for us and for her.....but I'm constantly praying:)

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