Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cupcakes and "Livin In This House"

I was giving Madeline her 2 gummy vitamins this morning and she asked me if she can still be "livin" in this house and eating 4 gummy vitamins when she is grown up. She is preoccupied with the thought that she is going to have to move out someday.....I guess so when all your older sisters and brother either get married and move out or keep on going back to college!! My answer to her ALWAYS is that she can live with her Mommy and Daddy as long as she wants to and she always says "yeah forevah" :)

Another obsession with Madeline is making cupcakes.......John David wanted to participate this time and she LET him.....hard to believe but she did haha. I think John David was in a state of disbelief the whole time with what a mean cupcake boss she was!!

Really? I have to do it that way???

Whats up with this mean boss???

OK I'll just do what SHE wants!

John David, I'm not liking the way you poured that!

At least I get to eat it:)

Now we are having fun

John David is looking a little tired of the business at this point:)

they turned out pretty good, maybe she is a good boss after all!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We received our LID (log in date).......August 11,2011 :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ralph's Throne

Ralph must be VERY loved in our family because his favorite place to sit is on the kitchen counter, totally grosses me out and I clean it ALL the time! Hank gave our last cat to a worker at his clinic because he (Sergio) bit us all the time. John David has just forgiven his Daddy since he now realizes what a mean cat Sergio was now that we have the most awesome cat. Hank used to be enraged when he came in the kitchen to find Sergio on the counter, now he just walks by and pets Ralph, seriously:)

These pictures are proof that I am way too laid back this time in the motherhool department, cat on counter and McDonalds!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of 4th Grade and JK

Today was John David's first full day of 4th grade, Madeline starts Jr. Kindergarten tomorrow. John David said it was "awesome" so that is always awesome to hear:).

Gotta include the dogs

Goldbug did not want any part of pictures:) It was so funny....she was scared for some reason!

She obliged inside!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday My Julianne

Twenty years ago today Jeff and I welcomed our Julianne Paige into this world. I was scheduled to be induced on August 16, but back in that day you could call and change your date on a whim. My whim was that the 16th is Elvis's birthday and living in Memphis TN it can kinda be obnoxious:). So the doctor's office gladly changed my inducement to the 15th. I walked into the hospital at 5:45 that morning and was told " you aren't supposed to be here until 7:00": well you decided to come all on your own at 6:20!! Now you share a birthday with the candlelight vigil the evening before Elvis' bdday!!

Some thoughts I have about you on your birthday:)

-you are a pleaser, always have been
-you are a deep thinker
-you love the Lord with all your heart
-you are driven
-you are anxious
-you are a crazy hard worker?: Allie and Gardner would complain that you never got in trouble and I would ask them to think of something wrong you had done and they could not come up with a thing:) haha
-you are beautiful
-you are a straight A 100 A+ kinda girl :)
-you love a good book
-you used to be a shopper, don't know what happened with that:)
- you still love a great pair of jeans!
-you have a heart for missions
-you are smart
-you are skinny and don't exercise blahhhhhh
-you love cookie dough and milk
-you tolerate Goldbug and love Odie
-you love your family
-you try oh so hard with Madeline, I don't think she deserves you:), it is starting to pay off now
- you are the best sister
-you are a wonderful daughter, I love you so!

My sweet Julianne, I am so very blessed to be your mother. You have been a joy to raise and I love the relationship we share now. Of all the kids you are the most like me, may be a curse:) I love you sweet girl and so understand who you VERY proud of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


John David and Madeline made a fort today in the den and played so nicely for a while;)

This evening it was time to clean up and I was starting to help them when Madeline said "Sorry guys but I have to enjoy my summer (pronounced summa)"!! John David and I both burst out laughing and then said no way little sister you are cleaning up too!!

I Love This Child

Yesterday I drove to Starkville to meet Julianne and help move her into her sorority house. I had 2 1/2 hours each way by myself to listen to MY music and just think and pray. There were storms all around, I could look to the right and see sun shining through clouds and look to the left and see huge storms touching down. I love storms and feel like I am watching God move the world: I am always left feeling a disbelief that others don't believe in our God when He can move the wind and rain in any way He pleases and leave us with such beauty  after the storm. 
I thought alot about my life and how God has left me with such beauty after a long storm. I look at my precious Julianne and realize what a gift He gave me in her. When I found out I was pregnant with her I am ashamed to admit that I cried because I was not ready, Allie was 2 1/2 and Gardner was 15 months and this was not my time. Oh how I know God just shook his head in sadness over my reaction. The day she was born, I held her and cried at my own selfishness and such joy over being able to have her. 
Less than 2 years later her Daddy had an 11 hour brain surgery, a year after that we sat before Dr Konsialka in Pittsburg hearing the details of the Gamma Knife proceedure Jeff was about to undergo. The Dr expressed the importance of us not having any more children due to the radiation. At that moment it struck me how much God loved me and gave me such a gift as Julianne. If I had "my baby in my time" I would not have gotten to have any more. He had protected the desire of my heart to have more children in giving her to me early! I am so very thankful that He had such mercy upon me knowing how thankless I would react in the beginning.

I am so very proud of my Julianne and all she is accomplishing in her life. She has been my sidekick since she was a baby, did not walk until 16 months because I carried her everywhere:) I'll write more about you sweet girl on your birthday in a few days (and I know you are rolling your eyes right now:) haha!! I love you!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


John David has been obsessed with getting heely shoes, have NO idea where he saw them. He decided to spend his own money on them, $60, but says it is SO worth it:). Gardner came over Friday and helped him get it right, his old mom was no help whatsoever!! When we were at Journey's I had to text Gardner and tell him what memories I was having of his buying tacky tshirts and ugly shoes haha!!

This is what we do with a Saturday afternoon when it is 105 and we are totally bored!! We go to Lowes with Dad ( knew we would be there a while since it takes him a LONG time to decide exactly what he needs:)

Get ready for iphone motion sickness pictures!

made them be still for a second

Madeline doesn't need heelys, she can be in constant motion without them:)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Radial Nerve Damage

We did not get out of the broken bone as easily as we thought we would:(  I noticed immediately that Madeline could not use her right hand and that it droops at the wrist but thought maybe this is normal after a broken bone? It started weirding me out yesterday and I called the Dr. No it is not "normal" but is very common with her type of fracture. The Dr. will check her again next week to see if she will have physical therapy or occupational therapy but said he has never seen one not heal due to this injury as long as the nerve was not severed....her's was not:, thank you God for protecting her!

All that to say I'm disappointed but totally fine since it is not long term. Dr. said it can take 3 to 6 months to heal. The good news is that Madeline has not really been bothered or frustrated, I think she is so used to not using her arm that she is accustomed to it. She woke me up during the night to use the bathroom and I could not sleep thinking about it, why do we moms do that???? worry when our child is not worried?? I realized at 3 in the morning that she probably won't be able to do gymnastics this semester since she could hurt herself....will have to talk to Dr. about that.....hmm????? A day in the life of parenting....and happy to do so with her!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fancy Nancy

Madeline got to go to "Fancy Nancy" dance camp this week (had to miss yesterday because of her surgery:) and just loved it!!

Madeline and Carson are going to get into alot as they grow older!! They sure are precious together!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Is What You Do When

the only place to go is the mall, we have not gone to this mall since John David was a baby

things have changed since then:)
bungee jumping in the mall!! Really??

John David LOVED it!
Thinking we will have to go back soon:)