Monday, July 25, 2011

Lots Of Stuff

I haven't posted in forever but that does not mean we have been bored. The most important thing to mention is that we FINALLY received our I 800 approval from USCIS and should have our dossier to China sometime next week. What a relief, the rest is up to God, all we can do is pray that his will be done! I constantly pray for this little one we desire to raise but want what is best for her, and only God knows that answer. I am trusting that he is taking care of everything as he promises he will.

We took John David and Madeline to the lake with the Schays,  Johns and Elliotts, what a fun day!!

John David jumping off the dock, wish I had a pic of me and Michelle jumping. It was so funny how scared we were haha. Madeline was not happy with me afterwards so I had to promise her Mommy would never do anything that would take me away from her:(

John David and Will LOVED jumping from the dock and the rope swing

poor Madeline was a trooper still having a cast and the tape on her face:)
Molly, Jean, Casey, Madeline and me

John David's first try at wake boarding

Got up but could not stay up, he was disgusted:) , we'll try again before the summer is over!

JD  and Jason

John David, Will, Holden and Rachel

LOVE this of JD and Will

My sweet best buds Michelle and Molly along with sad little Maddie:)

Molly and Michelle were great on the tubes:)

Thanks for all the pics Michelle!!!

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