Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Is What Happens

when Daddy says "don't you dare smile!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Our last bit of paperwork was sent to GWCA today. Hoping our dossier is headed to China early next week!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lots Of Stuff

I haven't posted in forever but that does not mean we have been bored. The most important thing to mention is that we FINALLY received our I 800 approval from USCIS and should have our dossier to China sometime next week. What a relief, the rest is up to God, all we can do is pray that his will be done! I constantly pray for this little one we desire to raise but want what is best for her, and only God knows that answer. I am trusting that he is taking care of everything as he promises he will.

We took John David and Madeline to the lake with the Schays,  Johns and Elliotts, what a fun day!!

John David jumping off the dock, wish I had a pic of me and Michelle jumping. It was so funny how scared we were haha. Madeline was not happy with me afterwards so I had to promise her Mommy would never do anything that would take me away from her:(

John David and Will LOVED jumping from the dock and the rope swing

poor Madeline was a trooper still having a cast and the tape on her face:)
Molly, Jean, Casey, Madeline and me

John David's first try at wake boarding

Got up but could not stay up, he was disgusted:) , we'll try again before the summer is over!

JD  and Jason

John David, Will, Holden and Rachel

LOVE this of JD and Will

My sweet best buds Michelle and Molly along with sad little Maddie:)

Molly and Michelle were great on the tubes:)

Thanks for all the pics Michelle!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a Difference a Week Makes

Madeline is such a trooper!! Yesterday she came running in the kitchen and said she didn't cry when she looked at herself in the mirror!! Poor thing thought her face was always going to have those boo boos:(

she has to have a goofy one!

These are the ONLY pictures I took in Wyoming with my good camera! This is looking off Granddaddy's back porch:)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How We Spent Our 4th

In Wyoming at Granddaddy's and then

at the hospital

Poor sweet Madeline!! We are so very thankful that she is OK. She went with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Larry, cousin Macy and Uncle Johnny to the first parade on July 3(big one was on the 4th) to ride in Uncle Johnny's mule drawn wagon. She was so excited to go by herself, the first time!! We got the call a few hours later that there had been an accident. They were rounding a corner and the mules took it too sharply and overturned the wagon. Uncle Larry was so frightened that the girls were both killed. He said he was never so happy to see 2 little girls screaming and holding their arms up. He grabbed both of them, looked back and saw that Aunt Sarah was standing and ok, Uncle Johnny was being dragged down the street by the mules, but stood up, and he took off to the hospital across the street. A sweet lady named Gina grabbed Madeline from him and stayed with her and her Granddaddy at the ER until we got there. She had severe abrasions to her face and a broken elbow. My heart broke when I got to her. She just started crying, poor baby. We were told that she needed surgery immediately due to a compound fracture right above her elbow. She and Macy both had to have head and neck CT's due to their head injuries and both came back good, thank you Lord. Needless to say we are so very thankful that she is OK and only needed surgery for a broken bone. She did very well and we really had best case scenario results, no nerve damage or growth plate problems. We got out of the hospital the next afternoon and traveled home the next day, crazy. And just in our fashion, John David threw up all night while we were in the hospital. Thank goodness Hank had gone back to his Dad's to stay with him. Totally crazy!! We got up Tuesday morning and John David threw up again so we were prepared for the worst day of travel ever!! Thank the Lord, he started feeling better an hour before we boarded the plane and we had such an easy 2 flight trip home. Really..... it was very easy..... Madeline slept alot and was very happy. We are oh so happy to be home:) By the way I forgot to add that the 3rd was Hank's birthday haha. We are going to have a redo for sure as well as another trip to Wyoming next summer, without all the hospital festivities! Trying to figure out how to attach the article from the Wyoming paper!! We are so very thankful that God had such grace and mercy upon us and spared our precious girl!