Wednesday, June 29, 2011

M loves to bake!

Madeline and I had a few hours to ourselves today since John David is visiting his friend Nicolas in Nashville. It is rare around here to get one on one time with any of the kids (and grown up kids too). She has been asking to make butterfly cookies for a few weeks and today was finally her day!

Beary had to help

starting off with a bit of icing

she has a plan

She wanted to start watching Tangled half way through making cookies, Mom may have helped finish

I think I'm seeing a decorating trend here, they look very similar to her cupcakes:)

Julianne and I went to a movie last night so Hank put Madeline and the dogs to bed. When we got up this morning Goldbug had band aids all over her:) 

just had to put a pic of Goldbug and her best friend Ralph, it is really funny to watch them play together

I can't leave Odie out!
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