Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day Hanky

There are many kinds of Fathers....biological, step, adoptive, heavenly.......
Hank fits into 3 of those categories even though none of us like the term step father; I don't think I have ever heard my bigs refer to him as that, it has such negative connotations.

Hank jumped quite literally into fatherhood with three kiddos ages 9, 11 and 12. It was rocky but he handled it with such grace and with deep commitment to them, me and to God. It takes a special dad to do that. A little over a year later we welcomed John David into this world and he became a biological dad. He claimed then that he did not feel any differently about the 3 older kids than he did John David. I don't think I totally believed him until we adopted Madeline 5 years later, when I knew I loved her just as the others. I think it was at the moment we received Madeline that I understood Hank's love for Allie, Gardner and Julianne. They were his, it did not matter how they became his, just that he loves them and is committed to them all.

Thank you my sweet husband for being so willing.........
We ALL love you!
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