Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Gardner (a day late!)

I just can't believe you are 22, is that possible??? From my screaming, paci hoarding baby to full grown man!!
You were a joy to raise albeit a rocky first year:) . From getting up MANY times each night as a baby to not being able to MAKE you get out of bed as a teenager! Daddy and I used to plan how we were going to wake you up every hour and a half when you became a teenager just to get even:)

Some things I love about you:
your humor
so funny
your creativity
your deep thinking
your  love for your family
our talks
how you play with John David and Madeline
how you always help Allie and Julianne
how you ALWAYS help me with the computer, dvd, uverse, iphone (the liberals are taking over)
how you tease me
how you love Kendyl
your sweetness
your honesty
how you are so much like your dad in your own way
when you read things you have written to me
make up a great story
how you are such a kid still and I'm sure always will be
how you love Goldbug :)
your desire to please others
your photography
most of all your desire to do what God has called you to be

I love you my sweet son!!
Wish I could post some pictures of you growing up but as you know those aren't on my computer and I need your help to fix the scanner haha!

                                                                 Always acting the goober

Greatest brother

the answer to "I don't care if you don't ever cut your 
hair again as long as you will for your senior picture"

a week after graduation it all came off:)

John David acting like you did as a 3 year old:)

and again, just cause:)

                                                         I need more pics of you and Kendyl (wedding!!!)

I needed to crop this shot didn't I??:)

                                                       nuff you sweet son!
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