Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Boy and His Cat

John David loves his dogs but he really LOVES his cat Ralph. Ralph is almost 5 months old and he is a great cat, loves to be around people and has the loudest purr ever....and he lays flat on his back in your arms and just hangs, that is the key to a great cat.

 I really did not like cats until Allie talked us into bringing home a stray cat when she was 7 years old. Her dad finally agreed because we had moles in the yard and he said she could have Pumpkin as long as he never stepped foot in the house. That lasted all of a week and Jeff loved that cat as much as Allie did:)  We loved Pumpkin, and fought over who he liked most. Pumpkin was the first cat I really loved and I mourned his death before he even died because I knew how hard it would be to find another cat with his cool dog personality. I'm really weird like that with animals, when I love them I worry about losing them and that I won't ever get another one I love as much....weird I know, already I'm sad about losing our dogs.....I love each of their personalities
 Pumpkin went into liver failure a month after Allie left for college. We were all so sad! Now 5 years later I think we have found another great cat. Hank really did not want ANOTHER animal to take care of but the idea of surprising John David for his birthday won him over:), thank goodness he is a good one!

                         Great Iphone pics:) my camera was dead as usual, why do I always forget to charge it!!

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