Wednesday, June 29, 2011

M loves to bake!

Madeline and I had a few hours to ourselves today since John David is visiting his friend Nicolas in Nashville. It is rare around here to get one on one time with any of the kids (and grown up kids too). She has been asking to make butterfly cookies for a few weeks and today was finally her day!

Beary had to help

starting off with a bit of icing

she has a plan

She wanted to start watching Tangled half way through making cookies, Mom may have helped finish

I think I'm seeing a decorating trend here, they look very similar to her cupcakes:)

Julianne and I went to a movie last night so Hank put Madeline and the dogs to bed. When we got up this morning Goldbug had band aids all over her:) 

just had to put a pic of Goldbug and her best friend Ralph, it is really funny to watch them play together

I can't leave Odie out!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

She Really Is a Princess

Madeline went to her first camp last week, Princess Camp. She is so timid going into new situations that I was not sure she would even stay. She started out unsure but let me leave and was so excited and happy when I picked her up a few hours later. She had a wonderful time. At the end of the 3 day camp they gave us a little show and she did it, we could not believe it. We are all so very proud of her!! Of course I forgot my camera and I can't figure out how to post the video haha!

Our First Harvest

The first corn harvest is complete with Daddy's helpers shucking all the corn with him! Madeline had the best time collecting "callipillars". One more harvest to go:) Hank really wished he was a farmer instead of a veterinarian!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day Hanky

There are many kinds of Fathers....biological, step, adoptive, heavenly.......
Hank fits into 3 of those categories even though none of us like the term step father; I don't think I have ever heard my bigs refer to him as that, it has such negative connotations.

Hank jumped quite literally into fatherhood with three kiddos ages 9, 11 and 12. It was rocky but he handled it with such grace and with deep commitment to them, me and to God. It takes a special dad to do that. A little over a year later we welcomed John David into this world and he became a biological dad. He claimed then that he did not feel any differently about the 3 older kids than he did John David. I don't think I totally believed him until we adopted Madeline 5 years later, when I knew I loved her just as the others. I think it was at the moment we received Madeline that I understood Hank's love for Allie, Gardner and Julianne. They were his, it did not matter how they became his, just that he loves them and is committed to them all.

Thank you my sweet husband for being so willing.........
We ALL love you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Boy and His Cat

John David loves his dogs but he really LOVES his cat Ralph. Ralph is almost 5 months old and he is a great cat, loves to be around people and has the loudest purr ever....and he lays flat on his back in your arms and just hangs, that is the key to a great cat.

 I really did not like cats until Allie talked us into bringing home a stray cat when she was 7 years old. Her dad finally agreed because we had moles in the yard and he said she could have Pumpkin as long as he never stepped foot in the house. That lasted all of a week and Jeff loved that cat as much as Allie did:)  We loved Pumpkin, and fought over who he liked most. Pumpkin was the first cat I really loved and I mourned his death before he even died because I knew how hard it would be to find another cat with his cool dog personality. I'm really weird like that with animals, when I love them I worry about losing them and that I won't ever get another one I love as much....weird I know, already I'm sad about losing our dogs.....I love each of their personalities
 Pumpkin went into liver failure a month after Allie left for college. We were all so sad! Now 5 years later I think we have found another great cat. Hank really did not want ANOTHER animal to take care of but the idea of surprising John David for his birthday won him over:), thank goodness he is a good one!

                         Great Iphone pics:) my camera was dead as usual, why do I always forget to charge it!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

And She Jumps!

swimming lessons with her best buds

I'm thinking diving may come easy

So big

patty cake while you wait:)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Gardner (a day late!)

I just can't believe you are 22, is that possible??? From my screaming, paci hoarding baby to full grown man!!
You were a joy to raise albeit a rocky first year:) . From getting up MANY times each night as a baby to not being able to MAKE you get out of bed as a teenager! Daddy and I used to plan how we were going to wake you up every hour and a half when you became a teenager just to get even:)

Some things I love about you:
your humor
so funny
your creativity
your deep thinking
your  love for your family
our talks
how you play with John David and Madeline
how you always help Allie and Julianne
how you ALWAYS help me with the computer, dvd, uverse, iphone (the liberals are taking over)
how you tease me
how you love Kendyl
your sweetness
your honesty
how you are so much like your dad in your own way
when you read things you have written to me
make up a great story
how you are such a kid still and I'm sure always will be
how you love Goldbug :)
your desire to please others
your photography
most of all your desire to do what God has called you to be

I love you my sweet son!!
Wish I could post some pictures of you growing up but as you know those aren't on my computer and I need your help to fix the scanner haha!

                                                                 Always acting the goober

Greatest brother

the answer to "I don't care if you don't ever cut your 
hair again as long as you will for your senior picture"

a week after graduation it all came off:)

John David acting like you did as a 3 year old:)

and again, just cause:)

                                                         I need more pics of you and Kendyl (wedding!!!)

I needed to crop this shot didn't I??:)

                                                       nuff you sweet son!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Being a Princess is Hard Work

This is what happens when a princess swims all day long.

                                THE only time John David can mess with his sister:)

Friday, June 3, 2011

She Can Swim

Madeline has rocked in her swim lessons this week. Last year she learned to swim but would only do it for her teacher Erin. Yesterday she finally swam for me in our pool...yay....she is so proud:).
I took some pics of her today at her lesson:)

always a little tentative at first

looking for the ring

she can get that ring:)

and is so proud of herself

Erin is trying to talk her into going off the board

not gonna happen

the side works great thank you very much:)

love this shot

last jump of the morning

We came home and Madeline swam with me for 2 hours. She is doing so well and is very excited with how "big" she is!