Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Hank and the kids surprised me today with lunch at Texas de Brazil downtown. I thought we were going where ever and then came the talk about should we change after church or not and what shoes to wear and I figured out that we had reservations somewhere:) The big kids all love Texas de Brazil and we have only gone one time to celebrate Julianne's 16th bday and Allie going to college. Today we celebrated Mother's Day, Allie's first job(she just started working for the Orpheum as their Graphic Designer:), and Gardner and Kendyl graduating from college. ALOT has happened since we went last time!!

Madeline HAS to take goofy pictures now:)

and we wonder where Madeline gets it?

I think Allie and Eric are the only normal ones in our family!

Dad joins in

After lunch we headed to the Madison Hotel rooftop to check out the river at an historic high.

a sweet moment

makes me laugh!

all my kids together

finally a normal picture

makes me laugh out loud!
John David says Gardner's face doesn't look real!!

scared of the sound of the trolley

She loved the trolley once she was on it:)

looking out over Mud Island

looking across to Arkansas
amazing how much land is now covered

We then headed down to Riverside Drive with the rest of the Memphians gawking at the river.

what cobblestone ramp??

I have lived in Memphis since 1984  and have never seen the boats at street level

Riverside Drive at Beale Street

Gardner can't be serious either:)

This is on Mud Island next to the street

All in all it was a wonderful Mother's Day with the fam:)
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