Tuesday, May 31, 2011

China Freinds Reunion

We went to Gatlinburg this weekend to reunite with our China travel group. We have not seen them since we left China 3 1/2 years ago. Madeline was soooo excited to see her "China friends" as she called them:). Madeline is usually very slow to warm up to people when she first meets them or has not seen them for a while but she jumped right in on Friday evening.

We had a wonderful time catching up and also meeting the new additions to our families. Three families have returned to China to bring home brothers and sisters and three more including us are going back:)

Sara Helen, Lottie, Madeline

Looks just like China only they are older and where is the lazy susan with all the wierd food?

Mathew has been home with his family for a year and John David thought he was "awesome"

Mia, Madeline, Jenna

Lillie Mei, Jenna, Madeline, Mia

Madeline with Sara Helen

Madeline and Lottie, they were crib mates in the orphanage

2 of the new additions:) Jia and Mathew

Julianne and John David, Julianne loved seeing how much the children had all changed since we traveled 3 years ago

Jenna and Madeline

our crazy group! Thane is the 3rd newest addition, his mom and dad are going back for another sister this fall

can't have a day without a little attitude:)

and forgiveness

he is always such a trooper

a little wierd like the rest of his family though

I have alot of pics with sweet Lottie posing with her racoon named 'Racoon"
Sara Helen, Lottie and Madeline

"red couch" photo, mine are not good at all, will replace this when I get a copy of our resident photographer (Mary)
Madeline, Sara Helen, Jade, Mia, Lottie, Jenna and Lillie Mei

original shot :)
Lottie, Lillie Mei, Madeline, Jenna, Sara Helen, Mia, Amanda

travel group in China

LOVE this shot, I forgot my other lense and could not get a picture of him moving so he faked it for me:)

Sara Helen and Madeline. Madeline made us tell her the story over and over about how we all thought she was Sara Helen when we first saw the babies. Julianne knew instantly who Madeline was and the rest of us were wrong!

Mia, Sara Helen and Madeline

train ride with Sara Helen

Love this of them all laughing on the carosel
Madeline, Jia and Lillie Mei

John David tried ice skating and loved it

Mathew is Sara Helen's brother and John David loved him, they had so much fun

such a John David look

She loved playing at the river

token shot of the Ju :)
She sure has to work hard being Madeline's big sis!! She always goes the extra mile to win Madeline over!!

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