Thursday, April 21, 2011

This and That

Kendyl got some awesome pictures of Madeline the other night. We were taking some pics for the clinic and a small family one for our dossier. Of course Madeline would not have anything to do with the family pic.... oh well!

just pure joy!!

I love this child!

really hard to believe Madeline was having a melt down minutes earlier because she did not want to take part in the family pic!

How about just sending this picture to China; the poor child would have no idea what is in store for her until she is accosted by her huge family:)

this picture kinda scares me that she will think her grandparents are adopting her, ahhhh can't stop age!

love this boy!

                                                           love this crazy dog!

                                                                and this one!

I don't think I ever added that kitty is now Ralph, not Mew or Tron:). We love him too!
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