Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break, Sweet Friends and the Zoo

We have had Spring Break this week and did not plan much of anything. So far the only thing we have accomplished is going to the zoo today with some sweet friends. Madeline and John David are both very blessed with friends as I am:)

Our morning started off with a little attitude:

Then said friends arrived:

                                            They truly love each other!

Cannot forget to mention the twins! Jacob and Tyler, who just go with the flow and are so very good and just precious!

These two are definately partners in crime, they have learned to get along so much better than when they were younger and I must say Carson has a VERY forgiving and loving heart for Madeline! Madeline can dish it out and Carson is so quick to forgive her and move on, we all need a friend like that!

and of course the token goofy shot:

Not sure what the rest of the week will hold but it sure is nice not doing homework and being on a schedule!!

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