Saturday, March 12, 2011

"I Don't Like You"

Madeline woke up in a bad mood today. Unfortunately you can say that about me most days too; I can't really hold a conversation until I have been up for about 15 minutes and have some coffee. Today Madeline was in a constant whine mode until after her nap this afternoon.
We decided to go to Jimmy Johns for lunch and on the way there Hank corrected Madeline for "uhhhing" one too many times. She said " I don't like you! I like Mommy, John David, rainbows,power rangers, butterflies, God and Jesus but not you!" I had to look out the window so she couldn't see me laughing. At this point I'm just glad she included God and Jesus in whom she likes!!

                                        This is the "look" I got trying to take her pic!
               Kinda makes me wonder what is in store for us when she is a teenager!! :)
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