Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christmas Past

I still have not posted anything about Christmas since I started this after Christmas! One thing we have done since the big kiddos were little is get pj's on Christmas Eve. Over the years I have gotten a little obnoxious with this, especially as they became teenagers and added Madeline to the mix. I don't have ANY pics from the early years or the later years but a few!! I will make sure I take them every year now!!

This one is from Christmas 2008

Madeline was so very excited that Christmas to match her brothers and sisters!! I'll never forget trying to take the picture because she would not look at me. She kept looking at her brothers and sisters and then down at herself to make sure she still matched:)

I have no idea what happened to our pics in 2009, think were on memory card I gave to Gardner to take talent show pics??? those pj's were great, but they fit soooo weird!! I think we all had to wear them backwards because they were so full. You all remember the monkeys???:)

Alot changed in 2009 and we added 2 more to our mix:) Eric and Kendyl:  they jumped right in with all the weirdness of our family!!!

The scary thing is that I have already ordered pj's for this Christmas! ha!
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