Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Bigs

The bigs are not home enough to post about!! Julianne has been home the last two weekends and I did not take one picture, she will not be home until Easter now:(

Allie and Eric, Gardner and Kendyl come over every Sunday evening for dinner. Madeline and John David so look forward to them coming. For some reason Madeline thinks it is show night for her and always manages to say "HEY EVERYBODY" clapping her hands together like a choir director. It is really funny. Most of the time she delivers everyone tea but other times she just sings or whatever fits her fancy:) And of course it is LOUD.  I am convinced they leave saying "Whew, we sure are glad we don't live there anymore!"

So just a few pics to show that they do exist and are so very special!! These are just random pictures from everyday life, Julianne's graduation, both weddings and can't leave out making Chris fish:)

Madeline made Julianne perform as a dancer for her 4th birthday:)

I can never tell if Gardner is serious or trying to be a goober!

Just miss that long hair!

group hug before their joint shower

Can't leave out Chris's sister Anna, she and Julianne love each other so very much!

And of course I can't leave out my "other daughter" Sara

Julianne and Chris, my other "son"

Chris was so fun that day:) I can't remember if he caught a fish or not but it doesn't matter, it was the whole package of being 'stuck" with us that day:)

John David without teeth:)

One on Julianne and Chris's anniversaries

Madeline's baptism day

just can't get a "normal" pic sometimes

Madeline just could not understand why she could not have a piece of cake before the bride and groom cut it:)

Julianne's 18th birthday

just cause:)

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