Saturday, January 22, 2011

Madelines 4th Birthday

What a day! I do believe Madeline had the perfect birthday. Her entire family took part, the boys were waiters and the girls were ballerinas and butterflies, all at her request. Madeline planned her party down to the last detail and I think it was all she wished for :) Madeline how I wish I knew you the day you were born but God has known you long before that. We love you with all our hearts!

Here are a few thoughts I have about you on your birthday:
-you are adventurous yet scared
-you are full of spunk
-you live out loud
-you love with all your heart when you finally decide to
-you are slow to love others until they have earned it :)
-you love mommy and daddy the most
-Kendyl is your favorite
-John David and Gardner tie for 2nd ( sorry Allie and Julianne your time will come)
-you love princesses and butterflies and of course pink power rangers
-you are the best tantrum thrower and name caller in the family:)
-you love your dogs
-you are competitive
-you are so very smart
-you do not miss one little detail and hear EVERYTHING even when you don't appear to be listening
-you adore school and your teachers and wish you could go to school every day

I know there is more to say........ but the most important thing is that we are so very thankful for you and what you give our lives, it sure would be quiet without you. You are a blessing and the very best thing God lead us to!!

Some pics from the day thanks to Kendyl and Gardner!!
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