Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Going Back In Time- Madeline's " Haircut "

Madeline, your Dad called me one morning when I was away exercising and asked  WHO left the scissors out that morning??  I answered WHY?? You took Odie back to your room when Daddy was taking a shower and found some scissors in your drawer ( you told me this later that day when asked where you got them). You were very proud of your work. Daddy told you I would be so very sad and made you cry! When I got home you would not look at me and all I could do was laugh, I really do love being an older Mom. Years ago I would have been SO upset. I called Mrs. Jana and begged her to fit you in to "fix" your hair. That is when you offficially fell in love with Mrs. Jana. You are slow to warm up to people but if you do like them you really LOVE  them!  Mrs. Jana fixed your hair and we all love it. You are precious!!
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