Saturday, January 29, 2011

Allie and Eric June 5, 2010

Ok my sweet Allie, I need to "go back in time" and share your special wedding day, and what a day it was!! First off let me tell you my thoughts of you growing up:)

-you have a mind of your own, at times I'd say stubborn and at other times I'd perservering :)
-you feel very deeply even though you don't always express it
-you love deeply and are fiercly loyal, a trait you share with Eric
-you are fun
-you are oh so very creative
-you are imaginative, Gardner and Julianne would not have had their imaginary childhood without you, beanie baby weddings and all
-you LOVE animals and have owned many, I think the only one I said no to was the iguana
-you begged for animals and usually got what you wanted
-you left "kitty" pictures everywhere for your daddy and he still didn't give:)
-you are alot like your Dad
-he would be so very proud of you
-you love adventure
-you are a great negotiator
-you are tough and content with little
-you are very smart
-you read ALL the time
-you are funny and quick witted (watch out GPS lady)
-you are so very special

                                                        need I say more:)

Now on to the wedding pics!!

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